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I'm over the moon!

Well, I think it's time for a feel-good story, and here's a great one from one of my OET students on YouTube, Angelzahra.

She's just heard that she's got a B in all the sub-tests on her first attempt. How brilliant is that? Massive congratulations to her!

I'm sure she'll go on to do great things, and I hope she's inspired you in your OET journey as well. Why not do a bit of study right now? Just watch one of our videos. If you don't have long, start with a shorts video and if you have a bit more, maybe study some OET vocabulary!

Go on, you can have a slice of cake afterwards!

Oh yes, and what does "over the moon" mean? It means, "I'm very happy". Need more spacey vocabulary? Then check out our OET vocabulary quiz on space!


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