On-demand Video Courses

With our pre-recorded on-demand video courses, you can study wherever you want and whenever you like.  All you need is a large-enough screen on which to view the content comfortably and a connection to the Internet. 

OET Insights Speaking Course for Doctors

OET Insights: Speaking Course for Doctors

For the Medicine Speaking Sub-Test

Be guided through the OET criteria, learn useful phrases that you can use during your role-play consultations and in real life. 


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OET Insights: Writing Course for Doctors

For the Medicine Writing Sub-Test

We look at referral letters, letters of transfer, and discharge letters, and by using models and corrected students' work, this course will help you gain confidence and show you ways you can boost your OET score.


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OET Insights: Reading Course for All Professions

For the Reading Sub-Test ((All Professions)

This course will give you an insight into the OET Reading sub-test and will guide you through it step-by-step. Each sub-section is worked on individually, with parts A, B, and C looked at in turn.


Watch a video from our OET on-demand course.

One-to-One Tutorials

Bespoke to your particular needs.  Practise for your speaking test, focus on your writing skills, or work though reading and listening techniques with your 1-2-1 tutor.

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Remote Feedback

Book a session with us and we'll send you the case notes.  Email your letter back to us and we'll provide you with feedback, corrections, and advice.,