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A Chance Encounter and an OET Good News Story!

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to share a good news story with you, because a wonderful thing happened the other day.

I was visiting an elderly relative a while ago who had just been transferred to a great rehabilitation centre in London following hospitalisation. Everything was a bit chaotic, because he'd just been moved from hospital, he was still a little poorly, and we were worried about him.

The staff at the centre were all lovely, and came to meet him and me and chat about his progress and well-being, but it was all still a bit overwhelming and confusing, not only for him, but for me too.

Suddenly, one of the HCAs came in and said to me, "Oh, I know you. You are so familiar!" I'd never seen her in my life, but she was convinced she knew me, so we started chatting about how that might be true, and I mentioned that I was an OET teacher, and that was it! It turns out that Cristina was an overseas nurse who had studied my self-access on-demand courses and actually, had my videos on her phone. So she knew me well, although I'd never met her before.

The best news was that she had passed her OET! She was just waiting for her PIN to come through and then she could start applying for jobs as a nurse in the UK.

It was so lovely to meet one of my on-demand students, someone I had only known as a name on my student list before, and to know she had passed, gave me such great pleasure. Cristina was like a ray of sunshine on a difficult day. She cheered both me and my relative up - we showed him some of my OET videos and he was so happy to meet one of my students as well!

What a small world, and what a great chance encounter. I'm sure Cristina will go on to do great things as a nurse and I wish her every success.


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