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Bose Learning: Shortlisted for the Digital Star Award

Hello Everyone,

We are chuffed, honoured, and so, so surprised to be shortlisted for the Digital Star Award @theSmallAward.

"Now in its sixth year, The Small Awards is a nationwide search for the smallest and greatest firms in the UK, across all sectors. It is organised annually by Small Business Britain, which champions, inspires and accelerates the nation’s 6 million small firms. Following a record-breaking number of applications, Bose Learning has been chosen as one of eight finalists for the Digital Star Award that recognises small businesses that operate only through digital channels, using the internet to market, sell and promote their products and services. The award celebrates strong use of digital channels to engage customers, innovation in web design and functionality, and growth in audience over time."

We are really excited and astonished to have been shortlisted - so thank you.

PS: Chuffed is a great UK idiom meaning "very pleased".


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