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Duration in the OET Speaking Role-Play

Hello OET Candidates,

It's Day 7 of our #OETLearnuary Challenge and today we're looking at some useful phrases that you can use in your OET speaking role-play if you have a task that requires you to ask about duration.

We'll look at what you should say and what you shouldn't be saying as well.

The situation we'll be using is a home visit where you've been asked to see a parent whose baby is constipated, and of course, you need to know the duration of the issue. What kind of questions can you ask? Find out now in our latest video!

And how have you been getting along with the rest of the OET Learnuary challenge? Have you managed to watch every one this first week? Don't worry, if you need to catch up, that's easy to do. Just click here.

To help make sure you're staying up-to-date, you can download the OET Learnuary Tick List below.

OET Learnuary Challenge 2022 Tick List
Download PDF • 278KB


In any case, see you tomorrow!


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