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Ending the OET Role-Play

If you are not sure how to end your OET speaking role play, watch our latest #OET #shorts video for a very quick reminder.

One of our YouTube students got in touch with us and asked us some really interesting questions about how to end the OET speaking role play. First of all, m0o asked us what would happen if you finish all the tasks before the 5 minutes' allocated time?

Well, I would recommend that you always keep talking until the interlocutor tells you to stop. There are always things you can do if you have finished the tasks. You can:

- ask the patient or carer if they have any questions

- check that the patient has understood everything you've told them

- summarise what you've discussed

The other question m0o asked was what happens if you don't get a chance to finish your OET speaking role play nicely. Perhaps, you were just about to ask the interlocutor if they have any questions, but you run out of time. Or perhaps, you just begin to summarise and then get cut off.

Well, that's OK. As long as you've gone through the tasks, and listened and responded in an appropriate manner, then it's quite OK to finish mid-sentence. One of the OET criteria that you'll be marked on is "initiating the role play" but not ending it. So don't worry about that.


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