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How to get 400 in your OET Speaking role-play

If you are a UK Foundation Year Student, you'll know that you need to get 400 in your OET speaking role-plays. But the big question is, how do you score that magic number?

In our latest video, we'll guide you through the types of things you need to be doing and demonstrating to the examiners in order to score well in your OET.

We'll start with a quick recap of the OET and the speaking role-plays. Then, we'll go over the assessment criteria quickly, before really taking a more in-depth look into the things that make a difference.

As a premium preparation provider of the OET, Bose Learning gets to hear about the kinds of things the OET recommends and of course, we want to share this with you. So, watch our video now to get some tips on how to score well in your OET!


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