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Is there a different letter format for the three OET letter types?

One of our YouTube Students, Aarati, got in touch with this great question. She wanted to know if all the letter types followed the same format.

The answer is yes, in terms of layout, but no in terms of content!


There is a standard letter format for all professional letters. This includes writing the recipient's name and address, the Re Line, and the patient's name and typically, date of birth, or age, and ending with a phrase to thank the recipient for their help before ending.

You can find out more in this video here, which talks you through the typical layout of a letter.


In terms of format, each letter will be different because the content in the body paragraphs will vary according to the reader, the situation, and the reason you are writing. So it's pointless learning a standard letter, because each one has to be different! However, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with how to choose the correct content, and then work on how best to organise it into an easily readable format.

Here are some videos to help you:

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