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Moving from open to closed questions in the OET speaking sub-test

One of the skills you need as a health care professional is the ability to take patient history effectively. This includes being able to move from open to closed questions. Our latest YouTube video looks at just how you can do this.

OET criteria

Part of the OET criteria actually looks specifically at this your ability to ask questions. The examiners will be listening out for whether you start the role-play effectively and then how you take patient history.

Moving from open to closed questions

At the beginning, they'll want to see you trying to get as much information from the patient or carer in their own words. This means using open questions to facilitate their history telling.

Once you have this information, you'll probably have specific questions that you need to ask them. This means moving on to closed questions that will allow them to give you the answers you need.

OET video lesson

In our latest YouTube video, we'll take a look at a model example of how you can do this effectively.


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