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OET Ear Training: Connected Speech

Don't just do practice tests when you're studying for your OET. Spend time improving your skills instead.

One of the key skills you need to score well in the OET listening section, is to be able to understand connected speech.

How can understanding connected speech help my OET grades?

If you are able to identify connected speech, then you'll be a step ahead when it comes to finding the correct answers.

If you aren't aware that connected speech exists, then you may think you hear one thing, but actually, the speaker is saying something quite different.

Here's an example

aɪ trɪpt ænd fɛl ˈəʊvə

= I tripten fe llover

= I tripped and fell over

So you may hear something like 'tripten" whereas the speaker actually says, "tripped and". They are just speaking normally using connected speech.

In this OET video lesson, we'll do some practice to train your ear to listen out for connected speech and get you ready for your OET listening Part A.

We'll do some exercises to help you and as a bonus, look at how you can transfer these skills and use these phrases in your OET speaking role play as well.


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