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OET Ear-Training: Indigestion

So many of my new students say to me, "Oh, I've done all the practice tests, but I'm not improving. What can I do?"

If all you're doing is OET listening practice papers and getting the same scores each time (and not the ones you want!) then think about changing your approach to studying. There's no point just practising your exam skills - you can do that later. First, practise building up your English skills and your ability to capture the correct information in OET-style healthcare interviews and presentations.

One way to do that is by focusing on decoding and understanding connected speech. When talkers speak naturally, we often connect words together, especially when it comes to weak sounds like prepositions. Here is a video lesson to show you some examples and help you train your ear to understand connected speech better.

We'll use the topic of indigestion and listen to a Doctor being interviewed about it on a chat show, so he'll be using lay language and trying to address his answers to a wide audience. It will be great practise for you and give you some tips on how to do well in your OET Listening Part C sub-test.

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