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OET Study Plan

We've had a couple of requests, including one from our lovely YouTube student, Aswathy, asking us to help you create an OET study plan.

The problem is, it's a bit hard to create one that will fit everyone. It's a very individual thing that depends on several factors, including:

- What your current level of English and test-readiness is.

- How much time you have available to study.

- When your test is.

This means that creating a one-stop OET study plan that is suitable for everyone is pretty much impossible, BUT we can certainly help you create one for yourself.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create the perfect OET study plan to suit you.

  1. Assess where you are now in terms of your English level and your test-readiness level. Why not take a mock test or a sample test from the OET and see how you get along. Remember, to get a B, you need to score 350. For the listening and reading, that means you need to aim for about 30 questions right, but aim for 32 questions right to be on target. For the writing and speaking, you need to be getting 5s and 6s, and at least 2s in clinical communication. A premium preparation provider like ourselves will be able to help you assess your level, so just get in touch if you'd like to book a speaking or writing mock assessment with us.

  2. Once you have an idea of your level, you'll know how much time you'll need to spend to get to where you want to be. If your recent test results show your current level of English is close to a B grade already, you may only need a few weeks to familiarise yourself with the OET format. On the other hand, if the results show you are a C+ or C grade at the moment, then you will need more time to improve. Sorry to say, but there are no shortcuts. To really do well at any language, you have to build up from the bottom, but the good news is, the better your foundations, the higher you can go. Why not watch our video which will help explain this better?

  3. No matter how how much time and work you need to put in, you should be doing a variety of things to get yousrelf ready. We've got some ideas for you in our tick list which you can download now for free.

OET Tick List
Download PDF • 221KB


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