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The Best* Tip for Selecting and Organising Information in the OET Writing

Well, I think this is the best tip only because I know it has helped so many of my OET candidates who have been struggling in deciding what information to select from the OET case notes and then how to organise it logically in their OET letters.

And the best news is that it's a really simple and effective tip.

All you have to do is imagine you are speaking to the reader. That's right, not writing, (yet) but speaking. What would you say to them if you were going to call them up and tell them that you are referring your patient to them, or that you'd like them to take over the care after you discharge your patient to them?

So, think: what would you SAY to them and then, what order what you put it in? Most likely, it would be something like this:

Hello, I'm xxx (if they don't know you). Can you please help my patient? His / her name is and he / she is xx years old. This is the problem they have. This is what happened. This is what I did. You also need to know this about them. Can you help by doing XYZ?

Once you have a rough plan, just check in the OET case notes to make sure you've included all the important information and not left anything out.

Then, take your notes and formalise them into nice, professional sentences to create your OET letter.

You can find out more about this in our YouTube Video.

Let me know how you get on!


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