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Using Punctuation in Your OET Letter

We had a question come in from Nikhil, one of our Udemy students, who asked for some guidance on punctuation.

"Could you guide us on the use of punctuation in the format of the letter?"

It was a great question, and of course punctuation is important and the correct use of it will help you score well in the Language Component of the test. 

However, it's not something to stress over, as there are far more important things to get right (such as choosing the right content, organising your letter well, and making sure you've not included anything extra that is distracting). 

Having said that, of course, a well-punctuated letter is going to be far easier to read and will therefore score higher than a poorly punctuated letter.

"Do we need to add punctuation in the address (after each line)?"
  • No, there are no commas used at the end of each line of the address

"Do we need to add a full stop at the end of each paragraph?"
  • Yes, most definitely! Every line needs to end with a full stop, including the end of the paragraph. Every time you breathe, you need to add a comma, and then when you stop a phrase, add a full stop.

"Do we need to add a comma at the end of yours sincerely?"
  • Yes, you do.

"Do we need to add a full stop after our designation in the end?"
  • I guess you mean after you write the name of your profession, "Doctor", "Nurse" etc. And no, you don't. There's no full stop here.

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