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What's the difference between an OET discharge, referral, and transfer letter?

If you are not quite sure what the difference is between an OET referral, discharge, and transfer letter, then this short video should help to clarify any doubts. We'll go over each one and look at how to start.

Here's a quick summary, if you just want to know the basics.

An OET Referral Letter

We generally use this kind of letter when we want to send a patient onwards, from primary care, on to more specialised care, e.g. to a diabetes clinic following raised sugar levels in recent blood tests.

An OET Discharge Letter

We use this kind of letter when we are sending a patient back, from specialised care, into primary care, e.g. when they have finished hospital treatment for an infection.

An OET Transfer Letter

This kind of letter is useful when a patient needs to be transferred in terms of location, but needs the same treatment, e.g. when they are moving to a new city.

Watch our video for more help, as well as whether it's important to paraphrase - or not!

For even more help, why not check out our self-access courses which you can work through in your own time. You'll find more information here.


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