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What strategy can I use for listening part C?

In terms of the OET Listening sub-test, many candidates feel that this is the hardest part of the test, and they can be right: it can be really tricky.

One way to get over this is to focus on getting as many answers right in It's great you are parts A and B, as this will hold you in good stead.

There are 42 questions in total and you need to be getting around 70% to get a B. So, that's 30 questions. BUT and it's a big but, to be more secure, make sure you are regularly getting 32 questions right.

If you are getting most of A and B right, then just a few right in C will take you through - although the more you can get the better.

Some tests are easier and some are harder, so they always calibrate. That's why aiming for around 32 is generally a safer bet.

What about some strategies of OET Listening Part C?

As for strategy, my advice is to play around with it a bit. See what works best for you. Y

One option is to read the question stem and then you can listen without looking at the multiple-choice options in case they confuse you. You can make notes, and then choose the best one. The problem here is that you could run the risk of not having enough time to find the answer and then lose your way and miss out listening to the next part.

Alternatively, do it the other way, look at the options as you listen. See if that helps or hinders. Focus on what makes each option different from it's counterparts. Which one is closest to what you hear?

Try both ways when you practice and see which works for you.

Try and figure out your own style, but the most important thing is to keep listening to as much English as you can to really help.

To practise, here's a video to help you focus on the question options and choosing the right answer.


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