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A New OET Speaking Role-Play Lesson

A really great way of practising for your OET speaking sub-test is to listen to real-life interactions between doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals and their patients. You'll be able to do this at your places of work, of course, or if you go on to YouTube or Google and search for the same.

The trick is to look for interactions that are NOT especially OET-related. Why? Because, they are often true to the kinds of interaction you'd have in your everyday professional working lives, and by watching or listening to these, you'll get a better understanding of what the OET is looking for - don't forget, the OET is a test that is designed to get you ready for the language you'll be needing and using at work.

Watch the interaction, then think about how that might fit into an OET speaking role-play card. What do you think the patient has in their notes? How about you? What would your notes tell you to do?

Here's an interaction based on a patient who has presented with flea bites. Look at the role-play card, and then, let's listen to how the real-life interaction progresses. What useful phrases can you take away with you and use in your own OET speaking?

And because we'll be doing some listening too, you can also practise for your OET listening Part A at the same time!

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