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Can Chat GPT Correct & Mark OET Letters?

I had a great question from one of my YouTube students, who asked me if Chat GPT could mark their writing for them. In order words, could it score their work and make corrections like a teacher?

So, I decided to find out, and to find out if I would soon be out of a job!

I tested it first of all with an official OET sample letter and asked it to score it and give it feedback.

I then messed around with the letter to make some deliberate mistakes to see if Chat GPT could spot them. It managed to do so quite well and even gave the letter a grade!

But how about a candidate's letter, rather than a sample one? Would our friendly AI tool be able to grade it and give suggestions on making improvements?

Find out what happened in the video which also includes the prompts you can use to ask Chap GPT to help you with your OET writing.

To get an insight into the OET writing test, take a look at my on-demand course. The lessons are all pre-recorded, so you can work through them in your own time. Here's a discount code for you.

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