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It's finally here!

Hello Everyone,

I know, so many of you have been asking for an on-demand course for nurses, and I have been promising one for ages - but it's finally ready! I've just finished putting together the final touches and it's now ready to buy from Udemy.

It looks at the OET criteria and how to implement it; key phrases that you can take away with you and use in the OET speaking sub-test and your real professional lives; pronunciation and stress patterns; and role-plays that you can use to practise. We even look at some model and sample answers so you can get more familiar with the OET test.

To watch a preview lecture, head on to our YouTube channel. This lecture looks at how to ask open questions - a key component of the OET speaking criteria. You'll be able to look at some useful phrases, repeat after me, and understand why it's important for the test.

If you'd like a discount on the course, then please click here, and as it's an on-demand course, all the lectures are pre-recorded and so you'll be able to watch them whenever you like and wherever you have good internet service.

Take care and see you again next time!


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