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It's New Year's Eve

Will you be counting down tonight? Can't wait to see the end of 2020? Well, it's been a strange old year, hasn't it - full of upheavals, sadness, and strangeness. It's definitely been the year of the Key Worker, and we don't say it enough, but thank you for all the amazing things you do!

This year has also brought a lot of great things - we've seen incredible bravery, ingenuity, community spirit, and kindness, so all in all, hopefully, we can look back on it and think wow, 2020, what a year that was!

Thanks very much for following us this year, your support has been incredible! If you've not had a chance to watch the last Upgrade Your OET Vocabulary Quiz of 2020, then have a look now and ring in the bells with us. There'll be lots more to come in 2021, so keep watching our YouTube Channel and reading our blog, and look out for our on-demand course for Nurses which will be coming soon.

Wishing you all a very, Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2021!

Best wishes,



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