Jabs are Making the Headlines: But what are they?

It's a great day for medicine today, with the first person outside of a trial receiving the Covid-19 jab at 6.30 am this morning in the UK.

Upgrade Your OET Vocabulary: Vocabulary Quiz

But what are jabs? Watch our YouTube video to test your knowledge.

If you feel like doing a bit more studying for your OET (Occupational English Test), then why not read this article on the BBC website (up until the photograph Health Secretary Matt Hancock) and take a look a the vocabulary questions below.

Upgrade Your OET Vocabulary: Words in the News

Fill in the missing words to form useful collocations (words that often go together in English)

  1. the ___________ vaccination programme

  2. Margaret Keenan, who ___________ 91 next week

  3. She was ___________ the injection

  4. ___________ in the UK will vaccinate over-80s

  5. I can't thank May (the Matron who gave her the injection) and the NHS staff ___________...

  6. ...who have looked ___________ me tremendously

  7. Sister Joanna Sloan, who will ___________ up the...

  8. ... vaccine ___________ in Belfast

  9. regulators ___________ its use last week

  10. a"long ___________ ahead of us but this marks the way out..."

Now match the collocations with their meanings

a. the introduction of a new programme / product / service - or in this case, vaccine

b. a less formal way of saying "administered'

c. a huge number

d. a long and hard jour