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OET @Home

You will soon be able to take your OET safely and securely from your very own home*

OET has recently announced that it will soon be possible to take your test in one of three ways.

OET on Paper at a Test Venue

This is the test you'll be used to, and nothing has changed. The paper-based version will continue to be available as normal.

OET on Computer at a Test Venue

Instead of taking the OET on paper, you'll be able to take the test at one of the computers available at a test venue. The test will be exactly the same - it's just the delivery that is slightly different. The questions for the reading and listening will appear on screen, and for the listening, you'll listen to the test using headphones. The writing case notes will also appear on screen, but this time, you'll have to type your answer. For the speaking test, you'll still be talking to a real-life person.

OET @Home

You'll even soon be able to take the test from your very own home or other suitably quiet place. The test is secure and there are will be strict measures in place to ensure that your room and computer are ready. *There are, of course, certain system requirements that you'll need in terms of technology, too. You can find out more by reading about it on the OET website. We'll also write a post about this soon, so keep a look out for more details.

For the moment, the OET on Computer and OET@Home seats will be by invitation only, but we will update you when this changes and you'll be able to find out more on the OET website.

The great thing is, the UK's GMC and the by ECFMG, USA have both confirmed that they will accept computer-based OET results in the same way they do the paper-based results.

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