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OET Reading Part A: Which Text Contains

For those of you who have been practising for your OET and in particular, for your OET Reading Sub-test, you'll know that the first part is all about skimming and scanning for information from the kinds of texts that you'd read when you have a patient in front of you and you just want to double-check some information. This might be a dosage or a correct pathway.

Our latest OET Reading Part A style practice questions will let you practise the techniques and skills you need to do this. Watch our latest YouTube video now to help you.

There are lots of myths surrounding the first part - the "which text contains" questions. You may even read some so-called advice that recommends you do this at the end: don't! Please don't!

The reason they are given at the start of the OET reading part A is to help you. Once you know the location of information in each text, it's so much easier to find it. So, please do the questions in the order they are given to you. The test-writers have worked hard to create situations that are similar to your everyday working lives and to actually, make life easier for you. So don't un-do all their good work and make life harder by answering these questions later. Do them at the start and that will give you a good foundation for the following questions.

For more insights into the OET Reading Sub-Test, why not take a look at our best-selling short course on Udemy. You'll find it by clicking on this link and it will even give you a discount!


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