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OET Reading Part B Practice Round 2

A great way to study for your OET is to use authentic material that you can find in your own workplace. Why? That's because the OET is designed to replicate everyday situations and use everyday workplace texts.

Part B of the OET Reading Sub-Test focuses on 6 short unconnected texts. These are the kinds of things you would read at your computer or on a notice board or manual. So, you may get an email and you quickly scan to see if it's relevant to you or try to find out what action you need to take after reading it.

You may get some guidance on an issue - perhaps there has been an update and you are reading to see what the new protocol will be.

Or perhaps, you are reading through the manual of a piece of safety equipment to see how to use it.

All of these kinds of texts are what you can expect from the OET Reading Part B.

To help you practise for your OET, we've got a new round of 6 questions for you - all based on authentic material. Click here to practise now.


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