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OET Reading Part C: Inference

If you're studying for your OET you've probably heard your teacher talk about inference when discussing the OET Reading Part C questions.

These are often the hardest part of the OET as the texts are not black and white. It's not like the OET Reading Part A when you have to look for facts or data and it's not like the OET Reading Part B when you have to search for information.

In the OET Reading Part C, you often have to understand connotations and meanting and think about what the author is trying to say. What are they implying? Why have they used these particular words? Are they in favour of an idea or against it, or perhaps they are just presenting it in a neutral way so that you, the reader, can make up your own mind on the topic.

Being able to understand what the writer is trying to convey is an important skill to have in the OET. All of this comes under the idea of being able to infer meaning, or inference.

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