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Take an OET Practice Test

I know a lot of you are keen to get familiar with the OET before test day - it's always much better to be prepared, isn't it, and then at least you won't be afraid of the unknown.

Here's how you can make the most of your test practice experience.

Making the most out of your OET Practice Test

1. Use the test to get familiar with the structure.

Use this time now, when you are not under exam pressure, to understand the rubric, the number of questions, what you have to do, etc. It will make it so much easier for you on test day if you know what to expect. That way, when it comes to the real test, you'll be ready to answer the questions.

2. Paper or Computer-based?

Did you know that soon the OET is going to be available as a computer-based exam? You can read more about it here. Decide which test format you'll be more comfortable with and practice that version. If you can't print things out, don't worry, just write your answers on a sheet and then check them later. The computerised test samples will be available soon on the OET website, so make sure you keep an eye-out for them.

3. Do the test under timed conditions.

Make the most of your time and practise under timed conditions. Don't be kind to yourself and just give yourself an extra few minutes - actually, by doing that, it's not being so kind to yourself. By working under time limits, you'll get a good understanding of how test-ready you are. If you need more time, that's fine, just be realistic. Move your test day back and spend the time, money, and energy building up your English skills instead. That way, you'll have a better chance of getting the result you want when you actually come to do the test.

4. Don't forget your goals.

Set yourself goals and try to keep to them. It might not be so easy doing all the papers in one go, so decide which one to tackle first, set aside some time and space and do it. Why not make a time-table for yourself and build in some language-building work followed by a test?

5. Stay focused.

Even though you are doing the test at home, and it doesn't really count as a test, stay focused. Yes, there may be a cute dog running his owner round and round the street outside, but don't let that distract you. And that biscuit? Well, that can be your reward for completing the test! Stay focused, be prepared, and get exam ready.

For more help building your language skills, check out on-demand courses in Reading, Writing, and Speaking, or why not book one of our writing feedback lessons so you can check your progress? Happy studying.


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