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What date should I use in my OET letter?

One of my lovely YouTube students, A Miyan, got in touch and asked me which date to use in the OET letter. You can watch our latest #YouTubeShorts video to find out, or read on!

The good news is, they will always tell you iwhich date to use n the OET case notes and say "assume that today's date is XYZ" and it will always be a date in the past.

As to which format to use, well, you can choose either:

Date / Month / Year


Month / Date / Year

Just make it nice and clear and put it in after the address. You can also choose which side of the letter to write it on - the left or right hand side!

But what dates do I need to include in my OET letter?

Again, think about what information the reader will need to know. For example, if an admission date is important, use that. Or maybe, it's not signifcant whether they entered hospital on Monday or Tuesday, but if the length of time your patient has been in hospital is significant, then use that instead.

Perhaps, this issue is a reccurance of something that happened in the past and the reader needs to know this, then include when the previous signifciant issue happened as well.

Similarly, if the reader needs to know when other signficant issues occured, then you can put those dates in too. If it doesn't matter when something happened; if knowing the date won't add to the reader's knowledge and ability to care for your patient, then don't include it!

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