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Will I be asked to write a general discharge summary?

Another great question came in from one of my Udemy students today, Jayanta, who asked:

"Usually when we issue a discharge summary for a patient, it is not addressed to anyone and is for the patient's record. But here in an OET, will the scenario always be that we are addressing a discharge summary to someone, like the GP or patient's relative?"

The OET is a bit different from real life

Well, the OET is a bit different from 'real life' discharge and referral letters, and they will always tell you who your reader is.

Will I be given the reader's name?

You may not necessarily always get a name, mostly you do, but sometimes it's just the Head Nurse of a care home, for example.

You will always get their profession though, and most often, a name too. E.g. Mrs Brown, Head Nurse.

Why does the OET tell me who to write to?

The reason is, the OET will test you on your selection of information and prioritisation of detail. So, you have to tailor your letter to the specific reader (unlike in real life, when it may just be more general).

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