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Can Chat GPT help you with your OET studies?

You may have heard a lot (or a little!) about the free artificial intelligence tool called Chat GPT, that works on prompts.

You can ask it to write you a love song to a baker, or help you plan a presentation for your colleagues. But can it help you with your OET studies? Does it write model letters? Can it replicate a role play? Can it create more reading material for us?

Let's see! In my latest video, I'll go over how to use Chatp GPT and see how it can work for both candidates of OET and teachers who teach OET.

We'll take a look at its limitations - and there are quite a few at the moment! And we'll also look at what is good about it, and what bits you can use for your OET.

Why not watch one of our #shorts video lessons while you're here?

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