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#OETLearnuary End of Term Quiz

Hello Again,

Thanks for joining us every day this February for #OETLearnuary. I hope you found the videos useful.

Here's a quiz so you can test yourself on what you remember.

End of Term Quiz

  1. True or False? There’s no point reading the setting in the role play, it will just wait time.

  2. Fill in the gap. “It might take you a couple more days to ____ over the infection, but the antibiotics will start to take effect and you should start feeling much better soon.”

  3. What information should you include in the ‘re’ line?

  4. How do you pronounce “swab”?

  5. Fill in the gap: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to _____ in touch.

  6. True or False? In Part A of the reading, you’ll need to read each text carefully.

  7. Can you ask this to a patient? “What’s the duration of the constipation?”

  8. Why is it a good idea to practise for your OET speaking in groups of 3?

  9. What’s a good website to practise your listening skills?

  10. What does ‘rule out” mean?

  11. Complete the gap: “Within any procedure, there are risks and there are_____.”

  12. What’s another way of saying “in terms of treatment”?

  13. How can you explain that the procedure is quick?

  14. How can you explain the procedure is slow?

  15. Could a speaking role play be set in a back clinic?

  16. If you get an email in Reading Part B, what should you check?

  17. How can you check the progress a patient has been making in terms of their exercise programme? “How have you been __________ them?”

  18. If a Brit says, “I’m not so good.” What does it mean?

  19. If a diagnosis is written in brackets in the OET writing case notes, what does it mean?

  20. Can you cram for your OET?

  21. Complete the gap: “What brings you ______ today?”

  22. Do you leave a gap before a comma?

  23. Complete the gap: “Don’t worry, we’ll sort this _____ for you.”

  24. True of False? When you are reading the notes in Listening Part A, you should anticipate what kind of words you might hear.

  25. Complete the gap: “_____ the pains in her back subsided, she became asymptomatic.”

  26. Which syllables would you stress here? “I completely understand.”

  27. What does “implication” mean in Reading Part C?

  28. Name at least 5 things you’ve learnt from #OETLearnuary.


  1. False! The setting will give you valuable clues as to how to start your role-play and the situation your patient is facing.

  2. to get over the infection

  3. Patient’s Title + First Name + Surname + d.o.b or age.

  4. /swɒb/

  5. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.”

  6. False! Part A has a time pressure, so you’ll have to skim and scan for key words and once you’ve found a likely passage, then you can read more carefully.

  7. No, it’s a very strange phrase to use. Instead, as “how long has it been going on for?”

  8. So one of you can mark the ‘candidate’ according to the criteria.


  10. To eliminate something as a possibility.

  11. “Within any procedure, there are risks and there are benefits.”

  12. Treatment wise

  13. It won’t take long.

  14. It’s a lengthy process.

  15. No, it’s more likely to be a general ward or practice.

  16. What the email is asking you to do.

  17. How have you been finding them?”

  18. They are probably feeling very ill!

  19. It’s a provisional diagnosis

  20. No, because it’s not a fact-testing exam, but a language exam and you need to build your skills in order to do well.

  21. “What brings you in today?”

  22. No, you leave a gap after.

  23. Don’t worry, we’ll sort this out for you.

  24. True, always try to think what it is you might hear, then it’s easier to hear it!

  25. As the pains in her back subsided, she became asymptomatic.”

  26. “I COMpletely underSTAND”

  27. A possible meaning - remember in Reading Part C, you have to read between the lines and think about what the author might be trying to say.

  28. Your own answers. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Don’t forget, we have over 150 videos for you to choose from, so there is plenty to keep you going until our next video is out! Thanks very much. Take care and good luck with your studies.


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